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HENGLONG CLUB UK is a new Martial Arts school situated in Walthamtow, East London. It has a solid teaching team and modern teaching facilities. It offers excellent full time martial arts courses and brilliant Shaolin Gongfu performances to the public.The President of the school is the action movie star Jet Li’s Master. He is one of the ‘Ten International Great Wushu Masters’ 9 Duan achiever. The chief instructor of Beijing Wushu team is the president of Beijing Wushu Institute, the Honourable Grand Master Wu Bin. Master Wu Bin holds many top positions in the Chinese martial arts association. He is the Chairman of Technical Committee of International Wushu Federation and Chairman of Technical Committee of Wushu Federation of Asia. He is also the Director and chief instructor of 34th disciple of Songshan Shaolin Temple China, and the President of Sino-Uk Kung Fu Association. Shifu Lin started practicing Gongfu at an early age. He was trained by many masters. As a disciplined individual and a hard worker Shifu Lin’s martial arts techniques has become exceptional. He is good at all levels of Chinese martial arts, and specialises in Shaolin 18 weapons and Shaolin traditional fighting techniques. He has won many championships in Chinese National Wushu competitions. He is a member of the Shaolin Fighting Monk Delegation. Shifu Lin’s accomplishments has taken him to many countries to exchange Wushu culture; such as America,Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil, France and Spain. After teaching Gongfu for more than 20years, Shifu Lin has made teaching methods systematic and practical. He has cultivated 20 champions  from all over the world and has been elected as the ‘National Excellent Instructor’ in China. The other instructor is the Champion of the National Wushu Competition China, Jet Li’s youngest Gongfu brother --Mr. Cao Yue. The Assistant instructor is Yusuf CHAUDHRI.        

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