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                  32.jpg九th Dan Grading  

In order to test your Wushu training progress, increase your Wushu techniques and  lay solid basis for your  future Wushu competition, henglong wushu club is going to have the九th  Dan Grading for all the members. The Grading will be taken place in the club. The criteria of the Grading is based on the Dan System of Chinese Wushu Association in China. All the candidates must be the members of the club and wear the uniforms of the club for the Grading.

Dan System is:

Basic Wushu (Level I  III) --- Dan I (Level I),   Dan II (Level II),  Dan III (Level III)

Intermediate Wushu(Level I - III) --- Dan IV(Level I), Dan V(Level II), Dan VI (Level III)

Advanced Wushu (Level I  III) ---  Dan VII(Level I),Dan VIII(Level II),Dan IX(Level III)

Wushu (DAN 四)

You can choose which Dan you want to be graded according to your own level. Candidates who pass the relevant Dan Grading will be awarded a certificate signed by the President of the club Master WuBin and the chief instructor of the club Shifu Henglong and also a badge to go with your uniform.

The 3rd Grading consists of :

Wushu Dan I ---  Basic Wushu (Level I) (90 marks)

Wushu Dan II --- Basic  Wushu (Level II)  (90 marks)

Wushu Dan III --- Basic Wushu (Level III) (90 marks)

Wushu Dan 四----Inteemediate Wushu (90 marks)

Wushu Dan 五---(Inteemediate Wushu(90marks)

Taiji     Dan I ---Basic Taiji (Level I)

Taiji     Dan II---Basic Taiji  (Level II)

Taiji     Dan III  Basic  Taiji   (Level II )

Individual Speciality (10 marks)

The full mark is 100, 60 is the passing mark.


Dan I Grading:  £23/person                        Dan II Grading: £30/person

Dan III Grading: £34/person                Dan四 Grading: £39/person Dan 五 Grading £43/person(Practice exam  £20)

All the candidates must be members of Chinese Henglong Wushu Club UK and wear appropriate uniforms for the Grading.

Grading Date:

9th FBE,2019(Saturday), 11am  5pm.

Enrolment Time: till 28th Jan, 2019,Billt Rd,walthamstow academy,E17 5DP

Please book your place in advance.

For more information, please enquire:

Tel:  07587041111  or Yusfu 07765259637 Email:

Please detach the form below, fill it in and return it to us before the 20th,Nov,16

Application Form

Name: ____________________________                  Gender: ________________________

Age: ______________________________                  Membership No: ________________

Tel: _______________________________                 Mobile: ________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

The Grading content you choose : (please tick the chosen ones)

Wushu Dan I

Wushu Dan II

Wushu Dan III

Wushu Dan 四

Wushu Dan 五

TaiJi Dan I

Taiji  Dan II

Individual Speciality

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