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Shaolin Gongfu Classes

       Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
       These classes focus on traditional Shaolin style training. Students learn basic and advanced fighting techniques and applications, as well as traditional bare hand and weapons forms.

Beginner Level
  Beginning students focus on Shaolin basics, starting with basic stances, punching and kicking and progressing to a form called      Lian Huan Quan.
Intermediate Level
  Intermediate students continue basic training in order to refine and improve techniques learned in the Beginner level. They are also introduced to more difficult forms and applications, including Luohan Short Form and Yingshou Pole.
Advanced Level
  Advanced Level students study increasingly difficult forms, including animal and specialty styles, as well as spear, straight sword, advanced and double weapons. Additional forms, applications and weapons will be introduced at higher levels of training.
Additional Classes in Gongfu
        In conjunction with the Shaolin Gongfu training, several additional classes are available.

Chang Quan
  Known as contempory wushu or modern wushu.  This class teaches the most recent standardized modern competition routines from China and focuses on improving the student’s speed, flexibility, agility and power.
Sanshou Kickboxing
     known in the United States as Sanshou This class teaches full contact sparring with emphasis on kicking, punching and takedown techniques.
Tong Zi Gong
  This class is offered only to young students, ages 4 - 13, as an adjunct to the basic Shaolin training. It trains unbelievable flexibility, strength and physical control. Young students who master this ancient Shaolin training will easily progress to Di Tang Quan and other demanding high level forms as they grow older.
Qin Na
  Qin na controlling, takedown and pressure point techniques are taught in both the Shaolin classes and the san da classes. However, more specialized training in these techniques is available to qualified students, subject to the master’s approval.

Tai Chi And Qi Gong Classes

Tai Chi Quan
  Students who prefer taiji training can take classes in Chen Style Taiji, which also includes training in soft qi qong. Beginning students learn 18 movements (Shi Ba Shi), Lao Jia Yi Lu (old style first routine) and tui shou (push hands) techniques. More advanced students may progress to Lao Jia Er Lu (old style Cannon Fist) and taiji sword.
Qi Gong
  Individual training is available to students interested in basic soft qi gong techniques and sequences designed to improve the student’s health, both mental and physical. With prior approval from the master, a few qualified students are accepted to train in the more demanding techniques of hard qi gong and iron body training.  

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