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Shaolin Kungfu 
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Shaolin Kungfu is the very first martial arts ever created. If you try to trace the roots of all martial arts in existence, you will eventually reach Shaolin, as all martial arts are either a direct or indirect descendent of Shaolin Gongfu. Shaolin Monks have been practicing Gongfu for over 1500 years. The system was first developed by Bodhidharma (Tamo) who taught the monks of Shaolin basic routines to improve their health and eventually to defend themselves. Throughout the years the art form has been developed and has grown to the most complete martial arts system in the world. It truly covers all aspects of martial arts, from empty-hand techniques, to weapons, self-defense, chin na (grappling), external, and internal. Shaolin Gongfu is most famous for its animal forms, although these are very good styles of Gongfu, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how deep this system is. Shaolin Gongfu has much more to offer, and we keep that tradition and art form alive today, as we pass it on to Students of all ages, and from all ethical background.

Benefits of training Shaolin Gongfu are endless. The most obvious benefit you will gain is that your health will improve and you will become stronger and more flexible. But training in Shaolin Gongfu will help you gain much more, as through the Shaolin philosophy of The Unity of Chan and Gongfu, students’ livelihood will be improved, their wisdom will expand, and their ethical standard will be elevated. As a result the students will feel more at peace and confident in themselves.

External training is the most popular aspect of Shaolin Gongfu. We teach the external exercises of Shaolin through forms and drills. Each individual basic movement is essential for more advanced training. One’s fundamentals need to be strong and sharp as it will lead to a higher understanding in the forms and more advanced movements. As a result, all students who wish to learn Shaolin Gongfu must first start with the basics whether they have experience in other martial arts or not. We base our trainings on the training of the Shaolin Temple in China.
Internal training is equally as important as the external. The internal exercises help you achieve the fluidness, power, and spirit of the external. It is the essence of all movement in Shaolin Gongfu. Since the beginning of Shaolin, students have learned what is called Qi Gong. Which is the development of one’s qi (pronounce “chee”). Every human being possesses qi, there is qi everywhere. It is the energy of all living things in the world. Shaolin Monks have unlocked the secrets of qi through exercises and forms. We teach a form of Qi Gong called Yi Jin Jing. Yi Jin Jing was practiced and taught by Bodhidharma himself. This is the first time that the complete Yi Jin Jing form has been offered outside of China.

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